Concept Store

Empreintes concept-store sales unique pieces or small series, handmade in the workshops of French creators. Their store lays on more than 600 sqm, spread over 4 floors bathed in light.

A staging by Élizabeth Leriche:

“To give life to this new shopping destination, I imagined a sober place, with a refined atmosphere in order to give pride of place to objects and highlight all the know-how in a real place of life”

With its café, library and projection room, EMPREINTES becomes a meeting place for collectors and lovers of sensitive objects. Woodenha proposed its intumescent varnish which increases the fire resistance of wood up to 60 minutes (R60) depending on the sections. The visible wooden beams are original in this historic building, the larger works that would modify the appearance of the work were unthinkable and the improvement of their fire resistance by this technique was essential.

Real Estate : Ateliers d’art de France

Architects : Nabil Hamdouni Architecture et César Vabre Architecture.

Fluids studies : BIGS

Designer : Cabinet Elizabeth Leriche

Photos : Cyrus Cornut