Plywood Multiply®

Any kind of plywood panel made with water-resistant glue can be fireproofed in an autoclave by Woodenha. We work in close collaboration with the best plywood manufacturers to develop specific products with improved fire behavior.

Euroclass B

Woodenha has Euroclass B Classification Reports for all plywood panels from 5 to 44 mm thick, fireproofed in the mass, valid regardless of the species used.


In order to meet the specificities of each site, and in order to facilitate installation, specific cuts and formats can also be made.


For the improvement of the acoustic properties, Woodenha may also provide perforation services as well as the installation of black fireproof veil on the back. The thicknesses covered by our Classification Reports then range from 18 to 21 mm.

Wooden fire-retardant sidings

Multiply® can replace any traditional plywood onto walls or ceilings, visible or invisible. If a varnish or a stain must be applied, make sure to use our Verniflam® products which are non-degrading.