Woodenha Industries

Woodenha is an industrial creation from scratch. This particular motivation stems from the certainty that added value and wealth are created by the industry which must be innovative.

Woodenha makes available to industrialists and organizations its knowledge, skills and know-how in the field of reaction to wood fire for the development of fireproofing systems, as well as in the field of wood drying, mass stain or densification.

Founded in 2007, Woodenha takes its source at the confluence of several currents of inspiration

Improve the performance of wood material

Increase endurance of the wooden elements

Improve the security of people & buildings

Offer the choice of sustainable materials

This is how the company turned to four innovative high-tech fields in the wood industry: fireproofing, wood drying, densification and mass staining. Research and development, adequacy between regulatory and architectural constraints, quality of products and services, advice and expertise are our daily performance tools.

This initial strategy has led Woodenha Industry to become the leader and expert in the field of flame retardant materials based on natural fibers. We are therefore able to provide solutions that are always innovative and proven in notified laboratories.

Our expertise service may concern :

  • Normative and regulatory advice
  • Search for technical solutions
  • Process development
  • Laboratory test follow-up for validation
  • Investment and installation of equipment
  • Industrial process start-up
  • Establishment of certification such as CE marking
  • Passing a specific classification report
  • Training
  • Litigation / Expertise

Looking for a fire expertise ?

Consult us for the opinion of a Woodenha expert

Because transversal skills are necessary and excellence is generally not multidisciplinary, it is essential to implement solid partnerships from which strong synergies will result. Thus, close collaborations have been woven with private or institutional partners. They are also industrialists, both customers and suppliers. Woodenha has placed itself at the heart of industrial, technological and regulatory systems in order to provide the best solutions to wood-based materials with the strictest concern for the satisfaction of end users and their safety.

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