Ignipli® Panels

Ignipli®, solid wood 3-ply fire-retardant panels, allow rapid dressing at moderate cost in walls, ceilings or cladding. Woodenha has Classification Reports for all species for panels 15 to 42 mm thick and offers additional services compatible with fireproofing for tailor-made solutions.

Euroclass B

Woodenha fireproof your massive 3-ply panels using its mass impregnation process followed by artificial drying. We also offer the supply of all types of fireproof panels, including a permanent stock of spruce or 100% larch panels, quality A / B and B / C + in 19 mm, format 2.50 x 1.25 m or 5.00 x 1.25 m.


On request, we can supply any type of gasoline (Douglas fir, larch, oak ...) in thicknesses ranging from 15 mm to 42 mm. Specific cuts and format can also be made.


For the improvement of the acoustic properties, Woodenha also offers the perforation as well as the installation of black fireproof veil on the back. Woodenha can finally apply its specific “non-downgrading” finishes on request: colorless or tinted extra-matt varnish, or colorless or tinted BIME® saturator.

Wooden fire-retardant ceilings

The Ignipli® are suitable for the realization of Euroclass B ceilings or false ceilings: easy to install, a cut-out layout can be studied to adapt perfectly to your sites.

Wooden fire-retardant walls

Ignipli® panels can be covered with specifically non-derating finishes for a perfect appearance and increased durability over time.


Woodenha has developed several Ignipli® products that can meet the demands of acousticians for interior siding. We have Classification Reports for ready-to-use products, perforated or grooved.

Acoustic features

Solid fire-retardant plywood panels in vacuum & pressure autoclave, with perforation rate ≈ 20% (eg d8-e16 mm) and black Euroclass B veil on the opposite side. [1. panel | 2. acoustic fleece | 3. 30 mm insulation | 4. plenum]