In the Ginko eco-district, near the Bordeaux lake, the diversity of forms and atmospheres is favored by a bioclimatic architectural writing integrated into the site resolutely contemporary and of innovative design while remaining accessible to all. The orientation and the insulation of the buildings are especially thought to take advantage of the heat of the sun in winter and to protect oneself from it in summer, to release views and openings on the exceptional landscape of the Lake.

In this context, architects Latour Salier designed Aristée, a mixed program housing 31 collective dwellings and a professional agency in the DRC. The whole of this atypical R + 6 building has sun shades intermingled with the cladding on all the facades. Over 80 cubic meters of rough sawn Douglas fir have been fireproofed by Woodenha Industries using the BIME® process, with an exclusive dark brown color.

Real Estate : Mésolia Habitat

Architects : Latour Salier

Photos : Jean-François Trémege