Research & development

Since the creation of Woodenha Industries in 2007, Research & Development has been the core of the company. It is not only a means of developing its techniques and the performance of its passive fire protection processes, but also an aim, in order to provide proven products and push the limits of wood material.

Young Innovative Company since 2008, Woodenha devotes a large part of its resources to the development of new fireproofing solutions.

In order to be at the forefront of innovation in fire passive protection, Woodenha Industries have teamed up with many laboratories and companies of the wood and chemical industry, technological institutes and higher education establishments.

For example, the BIME® research program launched in early 2010 aims to develop flame retardant solutions suitable for the outdoors.

Numerous tests have been carried out in approved laboratories (FCBA – LNE – CSTB – RESCOLL – IDAC) both to develop new systems and to successfully pass standardized tests sanctioned by reports and classification certificates.

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Because transversal skills are necessary and excellence is generally not multidisciplinary, it is essential to implement solid partnerships from which strong synergies will result. Thus, close collaborations have been woven with private or institutional partners. They are also industrialists, both customers and suppliers. Woodenha has placed itself at the heart of industrial, technological and regulatory systems in order to provide the best solutions to wood-based materials. Our only concern is for the satisfaction of end-users and their safety.

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