Euroclass B for Red Cedar cladding

After successfully passing an SBI (Single Burning Item) test validated by a FCBA Classification Report on BIME® cladding in Red Cedar (Euroclass C), Woodenha is now in possession of a Euroclass Classification Report B for BIME® Red Cedar cladding with tongue-and-groove jointed planks. The installation configuration for which this RC is valid:

  • tongue-and-groove joint siding blades,
  • mounting on wood frame classified at least D-s2, d0 (no fireproofing required in most cases),
  • with or without an air gap,
  • against a support classified at least D-s2, d0 with minimum density 510 kg / m3, minimum thickness 12 mm, with or without rain shield classified at least E. This therefore works, for example, with a non-fireproof OSB panel d ‘adequate thickness.

To see the diagram of assembly principle, refer to this article on Euroclass B larch cladding.

This therefore offers new perspectives for 3rd and 4th family collective housing buildings, Public Access Buildings (ERP) or any other building with wooden cladding that requires an improved reaction to fire.

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