Coatings and reaction to fire

Intumescent systems, varnishes or paints, are effective finishes to improve the reaction and fire resistance of a support. Varnishes are operational indoors and paints also outdoors.

For several years now, the intumescent finishing systems from Woodenha Industries for wooden supports have been among the best. They are always accompanied by their Euroclass classification reports (FCBA) and fire resistance reports (CSTB). Recently, new Euroclass reaction to fire tests have led to the obtaining of new Classification Reports for varnishes (Verniflam® PV33 system) in the following configurations:

  • typical wooden support with a minimum thickness of 10mm, at least Euroclass D, mounted on a support D
  • possible applications by brush, roller, spray, curtain,
  • two possibilities for the quantity of intumescent primer: 250 g / m2 for a Euroclass B-s1, d0 and 150 g / m2 for a Euroclass C-s1, d0
  • all finishes among Verniflam® F3A, PU, ​​UV or F4X, allowing to have all opaque or translucent colors, matt or satin.

In summary, the performance of the products has been improved, the coating quantity has been dropped down in order to reach Euroclass B, for ceilings, and Euroclass C for walls. The application times decrease, the aesthetic qualities are even better, the drying times decrease and finally the overall cost is greatly improved. Thus, for walls the reduction by 2 of varnish to be applied, the reduction of 33% of the workforce, the drying 2 times faster make it the best solution both in the workshop and for site applications.

The Verniflam® PV33 system therefore becomes the system of excellence for applications on buildings whose construction is based on CLT, glued laminated timber, panel cladding or even LVL.

In addition, this system is also capable of substantially improving, and without equal to date, the fire resistance of beams and columns up to 60 minutes.

Woodenha Industries offers for sale all of the products in this range, but also application in the factory or on site if necessary.

Contact us so that we understand your projects and then allow us to provide you with the most technically and economically relevant advice.

In addition, the Verniflam® finish range and the BIME®F1 saturator were evaluated according to a test protocol validated by certified laboratories. It now makes it possible to demonstrate their “non-downgrading” nature of reaction to fire for any medium presenting an initial Euroclass D, C or B. This series of tests will be illustrated in more detail in a future communication.

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