Highlights on Woodenha by the network “Entrepreneurs d’Avenir”

Entrepreneurs d’avenir is a community of leaders sharing common values ​​and convictions who combine and commit themselves individually and for their structure to grow a reinvented economy, beneficial for humanity, the planet and society.

Entrepreneurs d’avenir wants to bring together and promote (through a network, events, media) the actors of a reinvented society where the economy contributes positively to a better life, to the quality of life at work, to societal balances, environmental and territorial. Entrepreneurs of the future are the leaders who work to generate a new kind of growth and positive progress based on efficiency, equity and sustainability.

Jean-Baptiste Aurel was interviewed in early September to present the activity of Woodenha Industries which he founded in 2007.

See the article on https://www.entrepreneursdavenir.com/actualites/chez-woodenha-le-bois-ne-brule-plus/

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