Special measures [COVID-19]

Dear customers, dear suppliers, dear partners,

The Covid-19 epidemic is a real personal and collective ordeal. The health challenge is high and the measures taken by all are radical. We are fully aware of the difficulties which we will have to face and which require a speed of adaptation and special precautions.

It is in this extraordinary context, now global, that our organization, the investment and the valiant rigor of our team allow us to ensure the main part of our operation for a remote part, and for the other in our unit. of production.

It means that:

  • we are still able to receive transporters with the usual health precautions, which we all know now;
  • we continue production with a degraded rhythm by dividing our teams over extended time slots;
  • we will endeavor to take into account your deadlines to the best of our ability and that of our partners;
  • we will ensure the storage of current orders if necessary;
  • we will charter transport to the extent of the capacities of our suppliers and partners;
  • our stocks allow us to ensure production for several months.

Like you, we are convinced that these painful circumstances will be managed with calm and efficiency and that we will overcome this challenge.

Let us be united, responsible and inventive, we will only be better equipped for the future.

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