Les Capucins – Brest

Les Ateliers des Capucins are buildings of the Arsenal in Brest, in Brittany, built in the 19th century, in which the ships of the French Navy would be manufactured and repaired until 2004. Returned to the City in 2009, they are converted into cultural and commercial center

The Atelier L2 project concerns the creation of cells hosting shops within the vast Ateliers des Capucins area. The site has a strong industrial heritage character which the project seeks to enhance and preserve. Wood plays an important role in the arrangement of cells, bringing an ephemeral feeling of lightness while registering in durability. They consist of a frame of wooden thorns punctuated by random openings and transparencies, creating visual breakthroughs on the immensity of the place.

The elevations are carried out in prefabricated wooden frame walls with laminated veneer lumber (height up to 13 m), laminated veneer lumber and are fireproofed by application of the Verniflam® PV33 intumescent system from Woodenha Industries. This colorless translucent varnish allows the use of wood in this type of construction (regulations impose Euroclass C and B in public buildings) by improving its reaction to fire performance while preserving its natural visual appearance. Verniflam® PV33 also has undeniable environmental qualities with low V.O.C. – A +

Architects : Atelier L2 Legge & Lelièvre

Companies : Britton / Batiker

Photos : S. Chalmeau