L’ensemble des façades extérieures de la Résidence étudiante Marguerite Duras à St Denis est paré de lames de bardage faux claire-voie en douglas ignifugé Euroclasse B par All of the exterior facades of the Marguerite Duras student residence in St Denis are adorned with fireproof Douglas fir cladding (Euroclass B) by impregnation in autoclave then coated with the non-derating saturator in order to slow the leaching of the treatment and guarantee a fire classification for the exterior: this is the BIME®1 process. The architectural wishes of Anthony Roubaud & Antonini-Darmon have been realized thanks to wood fireproofing techniques:

Neat and contemporary, the facade is the trademark of the building without unnecessary sophistication. Punctuated by two “ruptures”, it fits naturally into its context while avoiding the mass effect.

Architects : Anthony Roubaud & Antonini-Darmon

Photos : Luc Boegly | JBA