Reseach & development on fireproof wood

Since Woodenha's settling back in 2007, Research & Development has been one of the top core activities of the company. Not only is it a way to aim for the best technologies and performance for fireproof wood and fire retardant products for wood but also an achievement in itself, so we can launch highly resilient and durable wood and wood-based products on the market, going beyond the limits of this versatile material.


Awarded Young Innovative Company Woodenha spends a consequent amount of its wealth searching for new fire retardant technologies.

Woodenha owns their own testing labs and has bounded with numerous valuable partners among the wood industry, chemical industry, national colleges and schools and european notified laboratories over the years. These connections have lead Woodenha to the forefront of innovation when it comes to fire reaction and fire protection of wood.


In 2010, the BIME® research program has been launched. The name is the french acronym for "Bois Ignifugé dans la Masse pour l'Extérieur" meaning fireproof solid wood for external use. The aim of this ongoing program is to find the best durable solutions to allow the use of wood oudoors, in Public Assembly Buildings especially. So far, Woodenha has runned the BIME® process through european standard tests which came out with numerous Certificates and Reports proving Euroclass B and/or C.




Above, cross-sections of fire retardant douglas fir cladding. Wood has been fire treated throught the BIME®1 process then weathered outdoor (45°-SW-oriented) at FCBA facilities - accelerated natural weathering situation. Thanks to a photochromatic revelator, the presence of the flame retardant chemical agent is highlighted in the core area (the darker patterns in the slices).


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