Fire retardant systems for wood

Above: some of the buildings in which timber is vacuum and pressure fire retardant treated. (see all our works)


Vacuum & pressure impregnation


All kind of solid wood products can receive an autoclave fireproof treatment (raw material, surfaced timber..) It is also possible to treat some of the wood based products such as solid wood panels, LVL, plywood... Some other materials with natural fibres can be autoclaved: bamboo, coconut tree, rattan, malacca, etc.


Block fireproof treatment is held in a specific vaccum & pressure treatment plant in order to spread the fire-retardant liquid down to the heart of wood.

First, lumber is stickered in a specific way before entering the vessel, then impregnated and eventually kiln-dryed until they reach the required humidity, depending on the final use. See in details the autoclave fireproof treatment by Woodenha.


Whenever the size or the nature itself of the material does not allow such a treatment, Woodenha provides fireproof coatings called intumescent varnish or intumescent paint.



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Fireproof coatings: intumescent paint and varnish


Woodenha provides fireproof coatings such as fireproof varnish (interior) which can be translucent or tinted and fireproof paint (interior and exterior) which looks like a lack (any color).


Those coatings come with certificates of performance Euroclass B or Euroclass C as they revealed to be excellent protection from fire for all kind of wood based produtct. The work can be made before mouting the elements, in a factory line, or afterwards once the building is finished.


Using a fireproof coating is not only the only way to protect from fire elements that cannot go through the pressure plant, but also a very suitable alternative for short deadlines or renovations.


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