Interior fire retardant paint & varnish

Intumescent systems

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Woodenha provides different kinds of intumescent systems:

- Intumescent varnish (colorless and translucent)

- Intumescent varnish (bespoke color and translucent)

- Intumescent paint (white)

- Intumescent paint (bespoke color)


All of these fireproof coatings provides the wood material an Euroclass B (certified)


These intumsecent systems are two-layer coatings: the active layer which acts like a shield when exposed to a rise of temperature and a top-coat which not only protects the first layer from waterspill and scratches but also gives a stunning natural matt finish to the wood surface.


Practically, intumescent varnish or intumescent paint for wood are used for wood ceilings, wood panelling, particle fiberboards, OSB panels, CLT elements etc. which could not have been autoclave treated for chemical reasons or for size issues: thickness, length, curves...


Pic.: Intumescent varnish on wood ceiling / Paul Chevallier School / Rilleux-la-Pape / © JBA



Fireproof varnish


Woodenha has developed a M2 fireproof varnish called Verniflam®M2


It is a one-of-a-kind varnish which highly delays the spreading of the flames and smokes. It's a single-product coating, whereas the intumescent systems are a combination of two layers, and it can be used for interior wood walls, MDF, OSB or plywoods. Verniflam®M2 has been tested and certified according to the french standard NF P 95-501 which results are in the Report CM 13-B040 from the FCBA (accredited lab)

Right: © JJ Bernier


Finitions non-déclassantes

Plaquette Woodenha Finitions Intumescentes 2014

The top-coat of the intumescent system may be used as a single-layer non-degrading finishing varnish. It would not amend the fire raction of the material in any way. In other words, a fireproof autoclave-treated wood-paneling may be finished with this top-coat without loosing its classification. Thus, the natural beauty of wood is highlighted without degrading the benefits of prior fireproof autoclave treatment.


The same applies to the opaque protective layer of the intumescent paint


Woodenha has formulated its own non-degrading stain, the BIME®F1. By adapting its formula, the originally oudoor-designed stain can be used indoor by the name of BIME®Int. The stain may have bespoke colors and textures according to demands monitored by Woodenha's experts.


Download Woodenha's litterature (FR) on intumescent finishing


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