Fire retardant coatings

What is a non-degrading coating?


In most of the cases, every coating includes a carbon-base resin which makes it prone to ignite more or less quickly and to spread flames and smokes. For this reason, fire reaction of materials - timber especially - is tested before and after a coating process. In order to keep the fire reaction grade of the material, a non-degrading coating shall be used. Woodenha proposes a variety of non-degrading varnish for wood, or non-degrading paint for indoor use.

For outdoor use, other features have to be considered: weatherproofing and UV-proofing. Only a few of such products exist on the market so far.

Woodenha has come with a specific non-degrading wood stain for outdoor use called BIME®F1 (french accronym for "Bois Ignifugé dans la Masse pour l'Exterieur") which not only keeps the fire grade of timber the same but also helps to maintain it throughout time with providing a weather and UV protection.


How intumescent coating for wood works





What is an intumescent coating?



Some specific coatings are design to turn into a thermal shield when exposed to flames or a rise of temperature. In that way, timber is no longer in contact with fire so does not ignite and smokes are contained. These are called intumescent coatings, varnish or paint. Most of these coating systems provides the lumber with a Euroclass B grade.


It is absolutely necessary to ask for a technical and official report coming from an notified lab when using an intumescent coating to ensure its actual performance.


To reach the required standards of passive fire protection, the intumescent coating system must be applied following a strict course and using the suitable basis weights for each of the two products.


Woodenha sells a clear intumescent varnish for wood with matt finish, which enlightens the natural beauty of wood texture. This varnish could be on-demand tinted


Woodenha also sells intumescent paint for wood which can also be on-demand tinted, default color being white.







Right: How intumescent coating system works


Does a Euroclass B single-product coating for wood exist?


Most of the single-product varnish or paint for wood do not upgrade the fire reaction of the timber. At best they are non-degrading, meaning that the coating is neutral towards the fire reaction of the timber. In other words, the only Euroclass B grading coating for wood that we know is a two-product multilayer system as described above, called intumescent coating system.



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