Fireproofing other natural materials

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Timber and all wood-based material (panelboards, tiles, cross laminated timber etc.) represent the core activity of Woodenha.

That being said, other material with natural fibers have most of the time similar features as wood. Woodenha has adapted their technologies for making such material fireproof as well, committed to their reasearch and development policies.


Rattan, bamboo, coconut tree or straw are mastered by Woodenha when it comes to making those fire retardant as well as other fibermade natural insulating systems.


Other complex settings can only be fireproof by the mean of specific glu or add-ons, amonst which fiber boards. Fabrics (woven or not) are handled by Woodenha's fireproof techniques and can be mounted onto wooden devices for example.


All products and system concerning oustide walls and frontwalls are integrated in Woodenha's services: fireproof rainscreens, intumescent paints for metallic strips etc. We may also source some fire retardant plastics, insulation materials... Long story short, Woodenha delivers appropriate solutions for every Passive Fire Protection situation.




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