Fire retardant wood panel boards


Above: Euroclass B solid acoustic wood panels. School Paul Chevallier - Rilleux-la-Pape / Work by: Favrat Construction / Architect: Tectoniques / ©Araud


Fire-retardant plywood and wood-based panels


Every kind of plywood, as long as it is made with waterproof exterior glu, can be fire retardant treated with Woodenha's technology. We work together with the best french and international plywood manufacturers to put on the market panels which fire reaction is then upgraded.


Woodenha can also provide fire-retardant particle boards, Medium Density Fiberboards, Veneered MDF and/or coated. Woodenha has contributed to the making and the fire reaction certification of those wood-based panels. 


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Euroclass B,s1-d0 fire retardant solid wood panels


Fire retardant solid wood panels made with Woodenha's technology have a reaction to fire Euroclass B,s1d0 which is the best grade a wood-based product can ever have. The use of such products has continuously grown over the years, especially in the Public Assembly Building. Time and money wise, they are an excellent choice for architects who are willing to put wooden walls or ceilings into light.


According to your needs, Woodenha can provide :

- Fire retardant treatment + Kiln Drying of your solid wood panels (treatment + KD only)

- Fire retardant solid wood panels (panels + treatment + KD)

- Work on acoustic punches on demand

- Non-degrading coatings, wood varnish or paint

- ...


Our fire retardant solid wood panels (Euroclass B) come mainly in 19mm of thickness Spruce (1250x2500mm). Although there is a whole range of thicknesses and species for which Woodenha have succesfully passed the SBI test (Oak, Birch, Douglas, Larch...) the Spruce 19mm is a good standard and so far the most available size.


Woodenha ownes Classification Reports for both plain and punched panelboards


A fire retardant treated solid wood panel is suitable only for an indoor use when not coated. It can be mounted on ceiling or walls but always away from any chance of water spills or variations of humidity. When coated with non degrading wood stain BIME®F1 or a non-degrading wood varnish, some panels would become suitable for an outdoor use, on a front-wall for instance.


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