Exterior wood paint and stain

Detail façade Bardage M2 résidence ZAC Bel-Air - Anthony Roubaud & Antonini-Darmon architectes

Above: exterior wall made with BIME®1 fire-retardant treated cladding in Douglas Pine Euroclasse C - Anthony Roubaud & Antonini-Darmon architects


Non-degrading wood stain

Until 2012, fire-retardant treatment efficiency has never been evaluated outdoor, due to the lack of certified testing processes. Such tests now exist and must be conducted to ensure every kind of fire-treatment can be efficient outdoor on a long time basis. Since then, Woodenha has been running numerous tests especially for the all their processes and now holds numerous Euroclasse Classification Reports and Certificates for Durability Outdoors.

Woodenha showed that  a non-degrading water-repellant coating after fire-retardant treatment and kiln-drying is mandatory for a long-lasting efficiency. It will protect the wood and the fireproof treatment from wearing too fast after being exposed to effects of leaching, drying, temperature, and UV light.


Woodenha has developped an exclusive wood stain: BIME®F1


BIME® F1 wood stain is non-degrading: it does not affects the classification of fire-retardant-treated wood products. This major feature is certified by a Report from the FCBA.

BIME® F1 wood stain is a water-born product which does not leave a coating layer on wood. It can be applied with a paint brush, a paint roller or a paint gun. The BIME®F1 wood stain can be used for terrace wood-strips and wood cladding but also for interior designs.

BIME® F1 wood stain is filled by UV shield agents, lignin stabilizers, color pigments and fire-retardant salts (halogen and phosphorus free).

Woodenha can either sell the BIME® F1 wood stain or apply it on treated timber in a coating production line, so that the woods are delivered as ready-to-use.




The exclusive BIME®1 fire retardant process


In some cases a Euroclass C or B facade may be required, especially for the Public Assembly Buildings when the "C+D rule" shall not apply, or for some kinds of Appartment Buildings (4 floors and over mainly).

This can be reached for wood treated following Woodenha's BIME®1 process:  it consists of a fire-retardant treatment in autoclave followed by Kiln Drying and coating with the BIME®F1 wood stain. Depending on the wall system mount, the wood classification can then reach Euroclass C and sometimes Euroclass B. Woodenha now holds numerous Euroclasse Classification Reports and Certificates for Durability Outdoor.


The BIME®1 (french accronym for Bois Ignifugé dans la Masse pour Extérieur) Process


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