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Should we consider wood as a building material for the future? Timber is a carbon sink, an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation material, but it also has a very efficient energy balance through its life cycle. Moreover, timber has good mechanical properties and it is versatile and fancy. It has valuable recycling assets.

Our mission is to enhance the performance of any kind of wood products in order to enlarge its range of applications, increase its durabiltity and finally fully satisfy the most demanding end-users.


Jean-Baptiste Aurel

Enhancing the features of wood

Fire retardant timber

Thanks to impregnation of fire retardant water-based product, wood is able to comply with the most demanding regulatory requirements.

Technical coatings

Woodenha coatings can modify fire-reaction features of wood both indoor and outdoor. On top of that, they make your project more aesthetic.

Kiln Drying

Wood drying is compulsory for good stability in service (cladding, framing, flooring), but also for gluing and finishing.


Indenha process enhances wood performance in order to make it long lasting thanks to a unique formulation of bio-polymers.

Expertise needed?

Get in touch with a wood expert for a quote concerning any fire retardant issue or kiln drying.

ZAC Boucicaut, Paris XVeme. Architectes: Ameller & Dubois AssociƩs Photo: Takuji Shimmura

Our works

R&D, fire regulation expertise, special product design... see all of Woodenha's work.


Technical and Information data sheets are available regarding fire retardants and regulatory requirements.

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About Woodenha Industries

Woodenha gathers several industrial and technical skills focused on wood enhacement and perfomance. We aim to achieve high quality service and production compatible with global sustainable management.

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